Sunday, July 31, 2011

Possible Street Artists to research for your debate

In your discussion and debate you must reference at least one artist (2 artworks by that artist).
Possible artists and places to start searching for commentaries are:

Tate exhibition of street art (2008)

Face 2 Face Palestine project
TEDS award
Women Project
Inside OUT Project, Centre Pompidou

Art in the streets, MOCA (2011)
Gaza wall (Palestine) 2005

Metro Gallery (2011)
Art in the streets, MOCA (2011)

Street Market Exhibition 2011 in “Art in the Streets”
“The stars were aligned”, Metro Meat Market, Melbourne (2004)

Art in the streets (2011)
Vertigem (2010)
Tate “Street Art show (2008)

Irvine contemporary (2010)
Street work (2011-2007)

Keith Haring


Obey – Shepard Fairey

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Street Art vs the Museum/Gallery

With the "Space Invaders" exhibition last year at the NGA in Canberra, the recent "Art in the Streets"  at MOCA in L.A, the "Street Art" show at the TATE Modern in London (2008) and the recent opening of the NGV Studio in Melbourne, it seems that street art has really been embraced by the institutions of the art world like never before in history. This provides a really interesting context for debate as to whether street art really belongs in or needs the sanction of the hallowed grounds of the art institutions. Whether you are a hardcore graffiti purist or a high art academic, there is one thing for certain....Street Art has taken the  global contemporary art scene by storm. We need to consider this in depth and look at how this came to be. What implications does it have for the future of street art as well as the cultural institution of the museum and the gallery?

Along with the photocopied articles I gave you to read, these are the links to the other sites: